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Communication is the backbone of society.
Untreated hearing loss can make communicating at school, work and in everyday situations more difficult, which can result in withdrawal from social situations and even depression. Wearing hearing devices can improve your ability to communicate effectively, leading to a higher quality
of life.

Hello, I'm Kimberly

Growing up with a hearing loss has given me some interesting stories to tell and a great understanding of what people go through daily when they can't hear. Although I was born with a hearing loss, I didn't start wearing hearing aids til I was 20 years old. I missed out on so much! In the Spring of 2022, I had surgery for a cochlear implant. This has been such an interesting journey, but I am happy to report that I am doing great!

I am very passionate about educating people to communicate more efficiently and to help my patients find the best solution for their budget, their lifestyle & their needs. From essential hearing devices to state of the art technology, cellphones & telephones, and assistive listening devices, there is no reason to leave your hometown for expert care for your hearing healthcare needs. I listen so you can hear.